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STORIES – Star Trek Reveals

May 24th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Personal Stories

startrek2Lots can be learned about the world of “Star Trek” from watching the brand new “Star Trek” movie which was directed by J.J. Abrams. Before I elaborate I must tell you that the story in this new film takes place in time before the “Star Trek” stories that were told on the initial television series. So we get to see Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, Scotty and Sulu when there were all wet behind the ears.

Now brothers and sisters, these guys and a gal may have been young and sometimes foolish but this didn’t stop them from saving large chunks of the Universe from annihilation. Kirk almost singlehandedly takes on the man with the black hole machine and also deals with a problem in the space time continuum. At the same time he is often engaged in fist fights and shoot-outs.

Also, as is the case with comic book superheroes, Kirk – and Spock – are infected with hero angst which has to be dealt with between major intergalactic engagements.

Having seen this new film and having seen the episodes of “Star Trek” on television, I would like to make some observations. First of all I would like to be able to take a time machine to the period between the adventure presented in this new film and the adventures presented on the television series. I would like to be able to tell Kirk that he will have no adventure in his futures that will be as difficult to survive as the one in this film. I would tell him to relax as the challenges in those television adventures are going to seem like a frolic around a May pole compared to what they encountered in this new movie.

The new film did reveal that Kirk and his merry astronauts were given a handicap for those television adventures. The handicap that I’m talking about concerns the amount of scientific stuff on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. In the prequel film there’s a lot of good scientific stuff that disappears by the time we see the Enterprise on television. The poor captain and his crew seem practically naked on the bridge of the television version of the Enterprise after having done battle in the movie Enterprise.

And speaking of naked, after the adventure that pits Kirk against Nemo, the man with the black holes in the “Star Trek” movie, the Federation must have sent down a stern directive about Star Fleet members playing kissy-face and other naughty stuff with other members of Star Fleet as that kind of naughty activity was almost never seen on the television adventures. In the movie Kirk seems obsessed with women and the potential fun and games they represent while Spock has the sizzle for Uhura – which is “logical” as far as I’m concerned. Both Kirk and Spock must have taken lots of cold showers before they went to work in the television adventures. Same goes for some lightly rough language that disappears after this first adventure. The Federation must have laid down the law about swearing even in the fever of battle against the deadly Moronians , Nincompoopians or whoever.

The future is what science fiction is all about and I tend to trust those writers of books, movies and comic books to see accurately into the future. As devotee of science fiction I have seen much come to pass that was revealed to me by Verne, Wells, Orwell, Huxley, Bradbury, Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, Kornbluth, Calkins and Raymond. So when I see in the “Star Trek” movie that only the bad guys are wearing tattoos, I take comfort in that and I believe that it will come to pass that tattoos become, once again, the decorations of guys so tough that they chew steel and spit nails. It would appear that normal people have given up this form of self-mutilation.

On the negative side the creators of the movie “Star Trek” revel to the audience that pop music will continue its downward spiral by giving us a sample in a bar scene that comes early in the movie. Noise and music continue on their collision courses so say the scribes that penned the new movie.

That’s about it for now concerning Kirk and his crew and what I personally got out of their adventures but someday I will tell you of my bittersweet romance with the actress that played the long lost love of Kirk in “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.” His romance was also bittersweet giving me something in common with Capt. Kirk other than our bravado.


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  • brenda

    I watched Star Trek in the 60′s, so I look forward to the movies from original crew. I’m a Trekkie, sans the Spock ears, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this movie. Spock and Bones were uncanny in their similarity to the originals. Great fun from start to finish. I anxiously await what I hope to be a string of sequels with this crew.

  • John

    I was an off and on fan of the original television show. I love good science fiction but I thought the original television show was silly at times. I did really like Robert Wise’s “Star Trek – the Movie.” As far as the newer “Star Trek” television show are concerned, I think I would like them better if someone on the Enterprise would pay the light bill so I could see what is going on. Captain Kirk would never have allowed such darkness on the bridge. With the lights up like they were in the original “Star Trek” show, the captain could see an alien on the bridge quicker.

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